Episode 45: Danielle Orr - Spiritual Crisis, Rebirth, and The Desire to Know

Danielle Orr is a local painter and spiritual traveler. In this episode we discuss Danielle’s upbringing, non-ordinary states of consciousness and the spiritual crisis, the potential hidden in individual and collective madness, running on default, and much more. You can follow Danielle and view her latest paintings on Instagram @orrdanielle Intro music by @mikelovemusic

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Yoga and other mindfulness methods make the human experience more pleasant. They make life more enjoyable.
— Danielle Orr

Show Notes:
You can find the Dr. Stanislav Grof interview clip here.

You can access the Dr. Joseph Campbell lecture here, here, and here.

Book Mentions:

Dr. Stanislav and Christina Grof’s Spiritual Emergency: When Personal Trnasformation Becomes Crisis