Ep. 64 - Frankenskies, the 5G controversy, and activism with Matt Landman

Matt Landman is an activist and producer of Frankenskies. In this conversation we discuss how Matt got interested in weather modification, the history of weather modification, the Department of Energy’s 2001 Tropospheric Aerosol Program report, the science and purpose of the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, how civil society actors manifest the will of the public, the psychology of conspiracy theories, the perils of awakening, 5G technology and public safety concerns, and much more. View FrankenSkies at http://frankenskiesthemovie.com/ and visit Matt’s 5G protective apparel line at https://speroprotectionclothing.com/.

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Truth is a frequency. Once you start resonating on that frequency, other truths become self evident.
— Matt Landman