Episode 42: Molly Rose Hilgenberg - Your Wider Self, Breathwork, and Embracing the Weird

Molly Rose Hilgenberg is a trained breathwork facilitator, yoga instructor and musician who merges holistic healing with creative expression. She is currently a Masters of Social Work candidate at Humboldt State University. She lives off-grid on ancestral Wiyot land with her husband and two dogs, where they enjoy spending free time playing music and being in nature. In this conversation we discuss yoga the yogic path, what your body is trying to tell you, breath work, cultural conditioning, transformation and the kundalini phenomena. You can find Molly and the introductory song “Golden Bells” at www.roseheart.world

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When I started to understand the subtle inner body and what its doing within these poses, I wanted to go out and apologize to my earliest yoga students.
— Molly Rose Hilgenberg

Show Notes: The introductory music was written and performed by Rose Heart

Molly will be facilitating a Rose Heart Breathwork workshop at Om Shala in Arcata! Saturday, February 23rd 3:00pm-4:45pm $10-20 sliding scale (only 20 spots, sign up early at the link below:

Rose Heart Breathwork Advance Sign Up

In 2018, Molly studied Breathwork facilitation with David Elliott in New Mexico. David Elliott is the author of The Reluctant Healer and Healing. His website can be accessed at www.davidelliott.com. You can access David Elliott’s guided breathwork via Spotify.

Mind Body Solutions, Adaptive Yoga Training: http://www.mindbodysolutions.org/

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Wyrd / Weird etymology from Pagan Europe: The Saxons called Fate "Wurd", the Germans "Wurt" and the Anglo-Saxons "Wyrd" . - these names are the completed aspect of the verb "to be, to become." "Becamemeans the shaper of destiny herself, sums up fates already fulfilled, as she brings new things into being...Wyrd or Werd gave rise ot the medival word for destiny: weird." (Max Dashu "Witches and Pagans")

Book Mentions: Bessel A. van der Kolk’s, Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma, John Warren White’s, Kundalini: Evolution and Enlightenment, and Bell Hook’s, All About Love: New Visions, and Sean Blackwell’s, Am I Bipolar or Waking Up?