Episode 31: Ryan S. - Conscious Capitalism, Leadership, Psychedelics, & Why Community Matters

Ryan S. is a yogi that decided to pursue his dharma through agriculture. In this conversation we discuss trends in agriculture, conscious capitalism and intentional living, the burdens of awareness, how yoga empowers men, whether progressivism is elitist, authenticity as activism, reluctant leadership, humans as pack animals and why community matters, how the failure of organized religion has created an existential vacuum in American society, how culture stifles Self realization and why it matters, how therapeutic psychedelic therapy heals individuals by establishing a clean cognitive slate, Ryan’s transformation in his yoga practice, and much more.

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Intro Music by @willevansmusic

The first step to living an authentic life is learning who you are.
— Ryan S.

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Book Mentions: Viktor Frankl’s, Man’s Search For Meaning, Catherine Price’s, How to Break Up With Your Phone: The 30-Day Plan to Take Back Your Life, Sebastian Junger’s, Tribe: On Homecoming and Belonging, Michael Pollan’s, How To Change Your Mind: The New Science of Psychedelics,