Episode 29: Heidi Bourne - Mindfulness Meditation, Spiritual Teaching, & the Wisdom Traditions

Heidi Bourne @pacificmindfulness is a mindfulness meditation teacher and the founder of Humboldt County’s Pacific Mindfulness. In this conversation we discuss Heidi’s journey into mindfulness, the definitions of mindfulness, wisdom traditions, the role of a spiritual teacher, Spirit Rock Buddhist meditation center, what it means to connect the heart and mind, and what Pacific Mindfulness has to offer the Humboldt County community. You can learn more about Heidi at www.pacificmindfulness.com

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We have to ask ourselves: How is my practice reflected in my life, and how is my life a reflection of my practice?
— Heidi Bourne

Show Notes: Heidi Bourne's website can be visited here: Pacific Mindfulness. The intro music can be found here: The Dubbadubs featuring Kyla Rose - Vibes.

Book Mentions: Huston Smith's, The Religions of Man and Sylvia Boorstein's, Pay Attention, For Goodness' Sake: Practicing the Perfections of the Heart -- The Buddhist Path of Kindness.