Episode 25: Isaac Bluefoot - The Arts & Society, the Chakras of Mary Magdalene, & How to Build Community

Isaac Bluefoot is a local artist and game maker. In this conversation we discuss astrology, a moral economy, what it is that makes us human, programming corporate structures with Isaac Asimov’s law of robotics, art’s function in society, the gnostic gospel of Mary Magdalene, building community, Isaac’s development as an artist, and Isaac’s upcoming kickstarter campaign for his OmenQuest card game. He requests the community’s support making his vision a reality. You can find Isaac’s work at www.dragonflower.ink and follow him in Instagram @dragonflower.ink

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Creating a mythos, living and enacting it, and creating ritual is one of the only things that can keep you from spinning back into chaos and returning to your animal state. The arts are here and they are uplifting us and they are turning us human by giving us stories that deliver us from chaos.
— Isaac Bluefoot

Show Notes:
The introductory audio of Joseph Campbell can be found here: The Need for New Mythology
The introductory audio of Terrence McKenna can be found here: All About Shamanism