Episode 17: Shiv - Simplicity, Liberation, & Living in the Flow

Shiv is a global traveler, spreading a message of silence, simplicity, and love. In this conversation, we discuss awakening into simplicity, deconditioning our minds and hearts from the illusions of religion and culture, realizing life and allowing it to happen through you, finding our inner Truth through silence, Shiv’s journey from living within culture to his dissolution into flow, the trap of materialism, living in love and sharing the light, the manipulative nature of religion, consciousness, and much more. The intro song is Rainbow Serpent by Xavier Rudd & The United Nations. Enjoy!

It’s not about what is happening to you in this moment: It’s all about how you are responding to life.
— Shiv

Show Notes: Find Shiv on Facebook by searching @Seedofnothingness. And purchase a copy of his book here: The Seed of Nothingness: Only Through Awakening to Self Can One Experience the Divinity of Bliss Within. The introductory song is perfromed by Xavier Rudd & the United Nations and the can be found here.

Book Mentions: Stephen Mitchell's translation of the Tao te Ching.