Episode 15: Sitaram Dass - Grace, Mysticism, & Finding Your Guru

Sitaram Dass is a kirtan musician, bhakti yogi, and student of Ram Dass. In this conversation we talk about the meaning of grace, his spiritual opening on psychedelics & their potential and risks, The Hearing Voices Network for those amongst us living with uncommon perceptual capabilities, a nonjudgmental approach to mental health, clinging to grace as a form of spiritual bypass, Sitaram’s personal spiritual journey and his years living with Ram Dass, the spiritual path of following a guru, whether or not Albert Einstein was a holy man, the Hindu concept of satchitananda as it relates to the Holy Trinity, mystical interpretations of the teachings of Jesus Christ and Christian beliefs structures, living an ethical and conscious existence in the modern age, and ends with a kirtan song performed by Sitaram. Enjoy!

A lot of us have issues questioning our core beliefs. When we’re questioning the core basis of our understanding of reality, it can be really destabilizing for us.
— Sitaram Dass

Show Notes: The Hearing Voices Network can be found at www.hearing-voices.org. Text of the introduction can be viewed here. And Sitaram Dass's music and spiritual writings can be found at sitaramdass.com.

Book Mentions: A.W. Tozer's, Knowledge of the Holy, Ram Dass', Be Here Now and Miracle of Love: Stories about Neem Karoli Baba. Aso mentioned is Christian philosophy author Marcus Borg.