Episode 10: Alex Kantner - Zen, World Religions, Meditation, & Living the Dharma

Alex Kantner is an ordained Zen priest and long time member of the Arcata Zen Group. In this conversation we discuss how a Bay Area kid found Zen Buddhism, living the Dharma, schools of Zen, the similarities between Zen and Christian philosophy, peak experiences, enlightenment, the ebb and flow of multi-day meditation retreats, The Hobbit and how it relates to Trump's America, and how you can get involved in Humboldt's Zen community. Enjoy!

The basic Zazen instruction is simply to be aware of what is happening in the body and mind as it happens - not to cling to it, not to push it away. Just allow it to come, allow it to be and allow it to pass away. That’s Buddhahood: That open awareness of the world.
— Alex Kantner

Show Notes: Find out more about the Arcata Zen Group at www.arcatazengroup.org.