Episode 9: Dr. Pepper Hernandez - Spiritual Ascension, Self Care, Transpersonal Psychology, & Cannabis Therapy

Dr. Pepper Hernandez is a Naturopath healer, medical intuitive, and quantum alignment therapist. We discuss her journey from college student to where she is today, managing a thriving private practice while allowing herself to grow into her evolving interests and remaining mindful of her personal well-being. In this conversation, we discuss transpersonal psychology, chakra and kundalini theory, quantum alignment therapy and the experience of Self realization and spiritual awakening/ascension. We discuss CBD cannabis therapy for PTSD, detoxing to rejuvenate the aging brain, and the necessity of radical Self-care—especially for those with a foot in two worlds.

Think of your Self as a pond of water: Be careful about who comes and dips their toe in that pond.
— Dr. Pepper Hernandez

Show Notes: Find Doctor Hernandez at www.drpepperhernandez.com and on Instagram @dr.pepperhernandez

Find out more about Dr. Hernandez's Holistic Health Practitioner Program here. 2018 classes begin March 20th.