Episode 11: T Proctor

T Proctor is a spiritual counselor and teacher living in the Humboldt County, California. He and his partner, Christine Fiorentino, teach a philosophy coined, "Being Real, Being Embodied," guiding individuals as they transform their mode of interacting with the world around them. In this conversation, we discuss T's spiritual evolution and mystical experiences, psychedelics, various spiritual traditions and teachers, the Diamond Approach spiritual philosophy, integrating psyche and spirit, and everything and nothing. Enjoy!

The Ego is a Self-representation. It is the imagination of our Self. It’s an important development. But when we take that to be the ground of who we are, it’s a very shaky ground.
— T Proctor

Show Notes: T Proctor can be contacted through his website, beingrealnow.org.

Dr. Stanislav Grof - The Cosmic Game

Book Mentions: Ken Wilber's One Taste, Matin Buber's I and Thou, and A. H. Almaas' Diamond Heart: Book 1.