Episode 38: Emily May - Mindfulness, rolfing, & slackline.

Emily May is a certified rolfing specialist serving the Humboldt County community. In this conversation we discuss how Emily found yoga and meditation, life in a Nepalese monastery, Thai massage therapy, slack line as a mindfulness practice and her epic backcountry 100 meter slack line adventure in the Idaho wilderness, rolfing therapy, the psoas muscle and the vagus nerve, her Shikoku Trail pilgrimage in Japan, and much more. You can book a rolfing session with Emily at www.structuraltherapy.net. Intro music by @mcyogi.

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One of the big issues at the school I taught was fighting and anger. I began to sprinkle in mindfulness practices as I taught class. After seeing its effect on me and my students, I realized that this is powerful work.
— Emily May