Episode 35: Xochi Quetzalli - The Red Road, Medicine Women, Standing Rock & Ayahuasca

Xochi Quetzalli is a local teacher, artisan, and healer. In this conversation we discuss how she found the Red Road, finding mentors along the path, searching for ceremony, how to pray, Standing Rock, Ayahuasca ceremony and how to integrate these lessons, the difference between a medicine person and a healer, connecting with guides and ancestors, what she has to offer the Humboldt County community, and much more. You can find Xochi Quetzalli at xochiketzalli.com. Intro music by @willevansmusic. Enjoy!

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Sweat lodge ceremony was my awakener. I awakened to my ancestors, my heritage, and the heritage of us all here on Earth—all of us in every race.
— Xochi Quetzalli

Show Notes: Water is Life by Will Evans music video can be viewed here.

Book Mentions: Carlos Castenedas, The Teaching of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge.