Episode 37: Spiritual - Rasta, Zion, Cannabis, & The Bible

Spiritual is a reggae singer and songwriter from Kingston, Jamaica. He is a servant of Jah for the children of the world and recently passed through Humboldt County while on tour with his debut album, Awakening. In this conversation we discuss dreadlocks, Babylon and Zion, Rastafari, righteous living, Emperor Haile Selassie, the Bible and teachings of Christ, cannabis use, the legacy of Bob Marley and much more. You can follow Spiritual in Instagram @spiritualreggae and on Facebook @spiritualreggae1 Enjoy!

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Live by your spirit and by your heart. There is only one spirit and it comes from the father.
— Spiritual

Show Notes: You can find the introduction track, Stand Up To Rasta, here.