Episode 36: Rabbi Eliyahu Cowen - Mysticism, Moses, Torah, & the Soul

Rabbi Eliyahu Cowen is the executive director of the Chabad of Humboldt. In this conversation we discuss Hasidism, the mystical and spiritual dimensions of Judaism, the Torah and the story of Moses, the Noahide Laws, how to know what G-d wants of you, spiritual experience and the soul, The Book of Zohar and Kaballah, the redemption of mankind, prophecy and revelation, the destiny of souls and discovering your soul's mission, tipping the scales of humanity with kind deeds, and much more. You can find out more about the Chabad of Humboldt at jewishhumboldt.com. Intro music by @mihalimusic.

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You can view the world and your Self as an equally balanced scale. By doing an act of kindness, you tip your personal scale, and the global scale, toward the better.
— Rabbi Eliyahu Cowen

Show Notes: Paramahansa Yogananda’s reference to the reincarnations of Elijah and Elisha can be viewed here. The music video for Mihali’s, Fading State, can be viewed here. The Noahide Laws can be reviewed here.