Episode 8: Kelly O'Roke - Ashtanga Yoga, Your Gunas, Science, & Philosophy

Kelly O'Roke is a mother, an ashtanga yoga teacher and owner-steward at Om Shala yoga studio in Arcata, California. She is a talented photographer and a powerful thinker. Kelly holds a degree in Engineering Physics and as a result, this conversation ranged in scale from the sub-atomic to the cosmic and from the secular to the sacred. We talk about her role in filming the documentary, Mysore Yoga Traditions. Kelly opens up about her eating disorder and how her yoga practice freed her of those unhelpful impulses. We delve into yoga philosophy and history, gurus and aghoris, physics and chemistry, and between the lightness and the dark. This is a show of opposites and paradox as we linguistically dance around truths beyond language. Enjoy!

At the root of every being is pure bliss. It is pure understanding. That’s where the soul lives.
— Kelly O'Roke

You can purchase a copy of the documentary at www.mysoreyogatraditions.com.

To help with the yogic manuscript preservation discussed in this episode and learn more about the Samskriti Foundation, visit http://samskrti.org/about-us/

Show Notes: Visit Kelly O'Roke's photography website, Life Captured, at www.kellyoroke.com

Book Mentions: The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali as interpreted by Swami Satchitananda.