Episode 5: Joey Paz - Ashtanga Yoga, Self Realization, & the Yoga Sutras

Joey Paz is an Ashtanga yoga instructor at Om Shala yoga studio in Arcata, California. He has recently co-produced a ground-breaking documentary on the roots of yoga philosophy entitled, "Mysore Yoga Traditions." A preview can be viewed here. In today's conversation we discuss the making and message of this documentary, the eight-limbed Ashtanga yoga philosophy, the pathway to Self realization, and much more. Enjoy!

Political systems, religious beliefs, identities and all of this stuff will go, will fade, and will crumble. And what’s left after all of it’s gone? What’s left after your body is no longer serving you? What’s left after your mind is no longer serving you?

You have to find that out now, while you can. The practice of yoga is for that purpose: To know who you are. To know what all of this is about.
— Joey Paz

Show Notes:

You can purchase a copy of the documentary at www.mysoreyogatraditions.com.

To help with the yogic manuscript preservation discussed in this episode and learn more about the Samskriti Foundation, visit http://samskrti.org/about-us/

You can follow Joey on Instagram @jlunapaz and visit his personal website and blog at www.worldwideyogatribe.com

Joseph Campbell books mentioned: The Hero with a Thousand Faces and The Power of Myth